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Benefits of using Gym Flooring in Commercial Gyms

Like the different types of equipment, trainers and workout regimes, the environment in a gym is also an aspect which needs to be considered carefully by commercial gyms. The interior design and materials used if the gym impacts the way a person will work out.

The material of the flooring plays an important role. Having the right kind of gym floor goes a long way in maintaining a good structure within the gym. The choice of flooring to be used in the gym depends on various things. In such matters, preferences might not always be the best practical choices. When installing gym floors, the nature of the gym is to be considered. This implies the kind of workouts which are meant to be done on the gym floor and the kind of equipment which will be required to perform them.

Need for good Gym Flooring

The right kind of gym flooring is necessary to maintain a good grip without which doing many workouts would not be possible. Good flooring also helps to ensure that the equipment stays in place all the time. Heavy equipment such as Lifting machines, treadmills, and machine cycles might not need to move from their position due to the nature of their usage. But they require a firm grip when the equipment cannot be bolted down. The flooring should also be easy to clean and be durable enough to handle high pressures, large impacts, and rough use.

Kinds of gym flooring

  • Virgin Rubber Tiles: These mats are 100% rubber and are known to be extremely durable. They do not absorb moisture, making them easy to clean. This kind of flooring is commonly used in most gyms.
  • Interlocking Floor Tiles: These tiles are made from Ethylene-vinyl acetate. They are relatively inexpensive but are not preferred as they are not very good at absorbing impact and take some time to decompress. They can be used for workout sessions that do not need any special equipment, such as aerobics or yoga.
  • Rubber Horse Stall Mats: These mats are used in stables to ease the knee joints of the horses. Their dimensions are 4ft x 6ft and the weigh around 100 pounds which make them stay put on the ground once they are laid down. They can handle heavy loads and impacts, and are extremely easy to clean. In a bizarre twist, the qualities that make them great for a stable also make them ideal for a cross-fit training gym.
  • Utility Grade Wood Flooring: These wooden floor boards are evenly cut and are extremely durable when used as gym flooring. Installing them in double layers can hold the weight of the heaviest equipment. They are preferred by cross-fit and functional training gyms. Care must be taken that the floor is regularly polished so that it does not splinter.

These are four different kinds of flooring which can be utilized by commercial gyms. Although so many varieties are available, the preferred kind of flooring is rubber mats. For most gyms, the floor can be laid out entirely with them. To get a good deal on the flooring, you can compare between online and retail stores and order in bulk.