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Which are the Best 4 Equipment for Weight Loss?

The first and foremost rule for losing weight are that you need to burn more calories from your body than what you are actually consuming on a daily basis. Cardio exercises are the most effective ways to do so your heartbeat goes up and the stored calories get burnt up with time and sweat. Running, aerobic workouts or simply walking can help you to achieve your goals in a long term scenario. But the best solution that could be noticed in a short period of time is to go for best gym equipment for weight loss that helps you burn fat quickly. Most of them provide you a measurement of how many calories you have burnt daily.

We have noticed it on a regular basis and even customers keep asking us at Grand Slam Fitness about the top equipment for weight loss and we guide them according to their needs. We, at Grand Slam Fitness Store, provide the best gym equipment at the lowest price and we are considered to be the best store for both home and commercial gym equipment in India. Below is a well-researched list of four best equipment for weight loss for your guidance.

Cross Trainers/ Elliptical

Elliptical cross trainers provide whole body workout and help to shed as many as 800 calories per hour depending on your body weight. Some of them come with movable handlebars and thus while pedaling with legs, one can push and pull those handlebars simultaneously. It targets the muscles in chest, shoulder, back and arms while pedaling takes care of your lower body portion. It comes in different sizes to suit all body types and weight. You can buy the best elliptical cross trainers at the lowest price only at Grand Slam Fitness store.


This is the most common gym equipment for home. Its popularity is due to the fact that it provides whole body exercise in the comfort of your home. People, who have a tight schedule, choose to spend their mornings sweating on treadmills. You can adjust the speed of a treadmill and vary from slow walking to brisk footing to fast running. Thus, it is suitable for people of all ages. On an average, a treadmill can help you to shed 300 to 400 calories in just 20 minutes by simple walking. You can slowly increase every day to finally settle for 600 to 800 calories in an hour by running. Treadmill not only helps you to lose weight, it also stimulates blood circulation in your whole body and aids metabolism. You don’t have to worry about outdoor weather condition if you have a treadmill at your home.  Check out our treadmill category and buy the best treadmill at the lowest price.

Spin Bikes-

The pedaling motion in a cycle works up the muscles and fat in your leg and thigh area and thus is powerful gym equipment that aids weight loss. Group cycle bikes are the most suitable ones in this category as anyone even with an odd physique can fit in comfortable in it. It offers a wide range of options for quick and comfortable weight loss. One can burn as many as 1000 calories in an hour by simple pedaling. Initially, keep pedaling at the slow pace and with every passing day, you can increase the speed without straining yourself. It prevents any blockage related to legs liking arthritis. We offer varieties of cycling bikes with a different specification to suit you need at the lowest price available.

Recumbent Cycles Recumbent cycles have become very popular fitness equipment for weight loss quite recently. Recumbent cycles have a unique sitting arrangement due to which you can sit quite close to the ground and keep your legs in front of you rather than below you. It comes under the category of cardiovascular exercise equipment and hence uses the whole muscle group in your body. It helps in strengthening your heart and lungs and increases oxygen supply in the muscles of hips, thigh, and legs. It is designed to reduce the stress on knees and hips whether you are using it as a stationary cycle or you are riding it in the outdoor.  Do check out our latest recumbent cycles and buy the best treadmill at the lowest price.