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Important Health Benefits of Dance Lessons

Getting in shape doesn’t have to mean sweating at the gym. There are many fun ways to get fit. One way you can get your body moving and have a little fun doing it is by taking dance lessons. There are many health benefits to finding the beat.

Calorie Burner

With every move you make, you burn calories. As you sway to the music you can burn anywhere from five to 10 calories per minute. The total amount of energy burned, of course, depends on how long and how fast you move. In addition to getting rid of the fat, you are building stamina. This allows you to twirl and groove longer and burn even more fat.

Stronger Bones and Joints

Dance lessons also help strengthen your bones. When you regularly move to the music and get your body active, you are promoting absorption of minerals into the bones. This helps to protect against the damaging effects of osteoporosis. In post-menopausal women, dancing can be used as a treatment to those with early onset of the bone disease by promoting the absorption of calcium, which often stops after estrogen levels drop.

In addition to strengthening your bones, you also are lubricating your joints. Movement of the joints makes them stronger and forces your body to produce the lubricant they need. The use of the knees, hips, and other joints helps to prevent arthritis from settling in.

Balance and Coordination

You may think you have great balance, but until you’ve learned to balance yourself in several different positions, you can’t say that you do. It’s a difficult task to get your body to master the intricate positions, and your body compensates by strengthening the areas that are most needed. Your stabilizer muscles are strengthened in order to protect your core. By protecting the core, you are less prone to injury.

When you start learning to move in specific, choreographed motions, you are training your muscles to coordinate in a methodical way. This helps you build better coordination overall. It also helps to strengthen your reflexes and improve the connection from your mind to the peripheral nervous system.

Younger You

When you take dance lessons, you slow your body’s aging process. The cardiovascular system strengthens, and your lung capacity grows. Someone who practices regularly will also be able to control their blood sugar better, which is great for diabetics. Those with cholesterol problems can see higher HDL levels and lower LDL levels.

Not only does this activity slow the aging process of the body, but also the mind. This exercise makes new memory pathways in your brain for the steps, routines, and patterns you are learning. It increases the mental exercise as you access those new memories to perform them. The increase of mental activity helps make your mind more open and alert.

Dance lessons are a great way to get in shape and learn how to make your body move. Not only is it fun, it is also a social activity that will help you build lasting friendships.