How to Select Sporting Goods

Basketball, baseball, football, soccer – no matter your passion there seems that there is always something new available to enhance the sport. And, even if it is not a new product, then it is not unusual to need to replace the equipment you have because it has seen its last kick, pitch, or shot. After all, when one loves to play any type of ball, it is inevitable that purchasing new sporting goods from time to time is a must.

Just a quick perusal through any sporting goods store and one will quickly find that the number of choices- regardless of the sport – can be overwhelming. So how is that one can determine what sporting goods should be purchased, and how can one get the items they need without having to take a second mortgage?  If this sounds familiar, then take a few minutes to consider the following tips for purchasing sporting goods.

  • Know the sport, or bring someone along who does, so that you know exactly what type of equipment is needed.
  • Look for internationally recognized safety certifications on equipment such as helmets, shin guards, and body pads. Be sure that when purchasing balls, that these meet international standards, as well.
  • If possible, hold the item – especially bats, gloves, and racquets – in your hand to establish if they are comfortable and allow the needed range of movement.
  • If buying a used net or goal, take the time to unroll and check for any holes, weak loops, fraying or unravelling. These issues can often be repaired, but be sure that the asking/paid price reflects the need to repair the item.
  • Remember, different footwear is needed for different sports. Be sure to get the right for shoe for the sport!
  • Keep in mind that sporting equipment sold in a super store is rarely as high a quality as that sold in a sporting goods store. Yes, the super store item might be less, but you will need to replace it more often. Buying quality first will save you money in the long run.
  • Consider buying equipment off-season to save a bit on the cost. Season-end clearance sales are a great way to quality items without high prices.
  • Check out sports consignment shops, social media, eBay, or Amazon. You can often get gently used sporting goods, which are perfect when your child is showing an interest in a new sport, but you don’t want to make a huge investment.

Selecting sporting goods does not have to be an all day long process. With a few guidelines and some patience, you can be ready to get out there and play ball in no time at all.