Benefits of Cycling

Nowadays, life can be very stressful for us as we cope with the demands of work, attending to our household responsibilities, and keeping a social life. Such stress often cause health problems that include heart disease and obesity. Medical experts say that stress can increase cortisol, a hormone that allows fat storage in the abdomen. We can combat stress and its complications with proper diet and exercise. One exercise that we can do is cycling. Check out the many benefits of cycling:

Low impact exercise: Most exercise routines such as running and weight training puts too much pressure on our joints and bones. This may cause health problems such as arthritis or injuries to the ankle, knee, or back. With cycling, we can ride on our bikes for as long as we can without damaging our ankles or knees.

Cardiovascular health: Cycling is a cardiovascular exercise and therefore can help keep our heart and lungs in perfect condition. With regular cycling, we can avoid cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. In fact, research shows that cycling strengthens the heart muscles, improves blood circulation and reduces blood fat levels.

Improves strength and coordination: Numerous studies have shown that cycling regularly improves our coordination reducing the risk of injuries such as fracture due to falling. Also, cycling not only tones the muscles but strengthens them as well. Research also shows that the stronger our muscles are, the more fat we burn as we have a stronger exertion of power thus burning more calories than what is achieved in jogging.

Weight loss: When combined with a proper meal plan, cycling can be a good way for us to reduce weight and maintain it. Cycling can help improve our metabolism which aids in reduction of fat build up. As a cardiovascular workout, cycling burns calories even long after we finished our ride.

Relieves stress: Cycling has been proven to relieve stress. This is one of the great benefits of cycling. Exercising can help our body produce feel good hormones. The sense of fulfillment after our ride can give us a feeling of wellbeing.

Means of transport: Riding our bike can get us to places where we want to go. Well, at least for short distances. We can ride our bikes to school, work, or the grocery. For those who are able though, they can have long rides for miles. This means of transport does not only keep us fit but saves us up on gas, and is friendly to the environment as well.

More and more people are considering this for recreation, transport, and/or health and purposes because of the many benefits of cycling.