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Benefits of using Gym Flooring in Commercial Gyms

Like the different types of equipment, trainers and workout regimes, the environment in a gym is also an aspect which needs to be considered carefully by commercial gyms. The interior design and materials used if the gym impacts the way a person will work out.

The material of the flooring plays an important role. Having the right kind of gym floor goes a long way in maintaining a good structure within the gym. The choice of flooring to be used in the gym depends on various things. In such matters, preferences might not always be the best practical choices. When installing gym floors, the nature of the gym is to be considered. This implies the kind of workouts which are meant to be done on the gym floor and the kind of equipment which will be required to perform them.

Need for good Gym Flooring

The right kind of gym flooring is necessary to maintain a good grip without which doing many workouts would not be possible. Good flooring also helps to ensure that the equipment stays in place all the time. Heavy equipment such as Lifting machines, treadmills, and machine cycles might not need to move from their position due to the nature of their usage. But they require a firm grip when the equipment cannot be bolted down. The flooring should also be easy to clean and be durable enough to handle high pressures, large impacts, and rough use.

Kinds of gym flooring

  • Virgin Rubber Tiles: These mats are 100% rubber and are known to be extremely durable. They do not absorb moisture, making them easy to clean. This kind of flooring is commonly used in most gyms.
  • Interlocking Floor Tiles: These tiles are made from Ethylene-vinyl acetate. They are relatively inexpensive but are not preferred as they are not very good at absorbing impact and take some time to decompress. They can be used for workout sessions that do not need any special equipment, such as aerobics or yoga.
  • Rubber Horse Stall Mats: These mats are used in stables to ease the knee joints of the horses. Their dimensions are 4ft x 6ft and the weigh around 100 pounds which make them stay put on the ground once they are laid down. They can handle heavy loads and impacts, and are extremely easy to clean. In a bizarre twist, the qualities that make them great for a stable also make them ideal for a cross-fit training gym.
  • Utility Grade Wood Flooring: These wooden floor boards are evenly cut and are extremely durable when used as gym flooring. Installing them in double layers can hold the weight of the heaviest equipment. They are preferred by cross-fit and functional training gyms. Care must be taken that the floor is regularly polished so that it does not splinter.

These are four different kinds of flooring which can be utilized by commercial gyms. Although so many varieties are available, the preferred kind of flooring is rubber mats. For most gyms, the floor can be laid out entirely with them. To get a good deal on the flooring, you can compare between online and retail stores and order in bulk.

The Best Muscle Building Bodyweight Workouts

In case you are looking to burn fats, build muscles and improve your overall athletics level; you will need to engage in bodyweight exercises. You do not necessarily have to lift the barbell. However, it is important to engage in them. One thing that you will enjoy about these forms of exercises is that you can do them anywhere and at any time. However, you will need to do more than just the basic push ups, air squats, sit ups and the high rep calisthenics. These are stuffs that are meant for the beginner and they don’t play a role in the buildup of muscles after the first few training months.

You will need to ensure that you work very hard on the high tension, improved bodyweight exercises in which you can only do an average of between 6 and 15 reps. One good thing that you will love about these form of exercises is that they are very natural and can be without pain for most people. You will not be forced in a range of motion that is fixed like it is the case when you are on the machine and the hands haven’t been linked together like it is the case when you are using the barbell. This is the reason why the calisthenic exercises are usually more easier on the joint.

The ease of use as well as safety is important but it doesn’t really matter if this form of workout to build muscles. The real question is; Are exercises and bodyweights important in the muscle buildup? The answer is definitely yes. Here are some of the top bodyweight workouts that are key for strength and size.

Pull up/Chin

This is definitely one form of muscle building bodyweight workouts that can be in contention of the greatest form of exercise on earth. This is because it is more effective on the buildup of biceps and lats as compared to the other form of exercises. A good number that you can engage in is 20 If you would like to maximize on your strength and size, you can increase the number to at least 50 reps every week while engaging in a wide range of chin up variations.

Rope climb

Rope climbing is another form of exercise that is great for relative and functional strength. It is effective in building up different areas such as the forearms, lats, abs, upper back and pecs. In fact it is one of the complete body exercises. The good thing with this form of exercises is that you do not have to invest in expensive gym equipments. All you will need is a rope that you can use once or twice in a week. For more ideas on mass building bodyweight exercises, you should get in touch with Muscle Prodigy.

Martial arts: benefits for a healthy life

If we talk about martial arts, the first image to flash across our minds is of the legendary Bruce Lee – his fighting, kicks, punches and arrogance. But in real sense, the fragrance of martial arts in Detroitis different. It is not only a great activity which keeps anyone physically active, but also teaches the real meaning of many life lessons and has the ability to drag any person to positivity from negativity. It helps to develop a sense of intellectual achievement and ethical values. According to some references, Bruce Lee once said that next to my family and my faith, I have learned more about life from martial arts than through any other endeavor. And here are the reasons, in support of his statement:

  • High-energy Workout

A healthy and fit body and mind can takes a lot of practice. And there is no better place to learn and practice a comprehensive workout than in the Detroit martial arts classes. It includes total body exercise which increases your stamina, flexibility, muscle tone, balance and strength, through this art.

  • Blessing for a Healthy Life

Martial arts teach you the importance of a healthy and physically fit life. By practicing daily and spending at least one hour on it, you can surely burn lots of calories, which ultimately helps to ensure that your body’s natural regulatory signals are working properly. Physical fitness is necessary for this art, but the more important aspect is to understand that benefits of staying healthy and fit when you grow older.

  • Self-Confidence

Self confidence is another a strong benefit associated with this discipline. Learning martial arts in Detroit with a good instructor can change anyone’s way of thinking and living. It has the ability to make you stronger and flexible according to its own way, which generates a sense of self-confidence.

  • Cardiovascular Health Improvement

Healthy cardiovascular system is also a blessing of martial art. Many researchers have mentioned that if you want to improve the status of your circulatory system, which is composed of heart, as well as veins and arteries that circulate blood, and then participate in those activities that get your heartbeat racing. Such activities include swimming, martial arts, cycling, and walking.

  • Team work And Social Interaction

Working with a team is an important part of life. In our professional as well as personal and social spheres, it plays a great role. And in any martial art academy, instructors teach you to perform in a teamwork oriented environment. It develops an understanding to interact with new friends and adjust with them.

  • Self Defense

Unlike other activities or exercises, with this art you can also learn the skills of self-defense and survival. It can act a psychological booster for you, as you are now strong enough to handle any tough situation and save yourself.

The internet has many resources that offer information about martial arts.



How to Be a Good Student in the Martial Arts

There are many ways to be a “good” student, but the most important ones have nothing to do with skill (although having good skill is very important).

The key areas I am going to cover are your; Attitude, Effort, Consistency (in attendance), Consistency (in training) Punctuality and Perseverance. These are the main things I look for from students when I am thinking about who are my “top” students.

Showing a great attitude is not always easy, but says a lot about your character. I always tell students that it is easy to have a great attitude when you are in a good mood, but much harder when things are not going your way. Attitude is your outlook towards others and situations. Having a good attitude is the sign of a high belt, and a winner. On the flip side, a bad attitude is someone who complains, makes excuses, or does not exert themselves. A person with a good attitude always looks for the best in others, themselves and tries their best. Someone with a good attitude will always be more fun to be around and have more friends.

Great effort (working hard) shows that you care about yourself because you know that is the only way you will accomplish anything. It doesn’t matter what you try hard at (Soccer, Math, Taekwondo, Video Games), if you put in great effort, you will get better. Desire is the first step to success, then great effort must be put in to accomplish anything worth while.

Consistency in attendance is the only way to consistently improve. If you take time off from class you are taking time off from getting better. When you make something a priority, you will do it consistently. And when you do it consistently, you will then see results. I tell students that eating a salad doesn’t make you healthy, but doing it everyday would go a long way.

Consistency in training is no different. You can show up to 1000 classes, but without working hard consistently, you may not progress the way you would like.

Punctuality is a good habit for all situations, and shows respect for everyone’s time (including your own). If you aren’t sure what that means, Punctuality means being on time.

Perseverance is the only way to achieve Black Belt Excellence. No one will achieve this level without having to persevere through some rough times and the farther you go with something, the more persevering you’ll need to do (12th grade is much harder than 7th grade). As the saying goes “if it were easy, everyone would have done it.”